The Key to Customer Service: Proactive Feedback Plans

Multi-Family Insiders article: Customer Service: The Most Critical Part of Any Business overviews four important customer service tips. The article discusses setting expectations, communication, providing tools and, most importantly, inviting feedback.

Companies need to invite feedback from their customer base.  However, the way they receive feedback and what they do with that feedback is key.

There are three key factors for feedback that must be met to enable positive company growth:

1. Proactively Search

  • Companies must be proactive in their customer service. Companies cannot wait until a Google notification alerts the marketing team of a online negative review.  Examples of being proactive may include sending emails to residents after they have had an interaction with the maintenance team or their property manager. This email should encourage them to provide feedback on their most recent experience. This gives the company an opportunity to respond before a negative review is posted to the internet.

2. Evaluate Feedback

  • So your company has feedback from residents, now what? Do you respond to every review? How do you respond to a negative review? Step one: take a deep breath. Step two: Identify the issue. Step three: determine patterns that may have developed over time and evaluate recurring themes. Step four: Communicate with your team.  There is always more than one side to the story. These steps will allow you to fully understand the situation and give you the knowledge you need to act.

3. Action

  • The third and final factor is the most crucial: Action. Companies must implement solutions. Whether you need to encourage the resident to provide more detail, apologize to a resident, implement a long-term solution plan or thank the resident for a great review a company must act. Action doesn't always mean responding directly to the resident. Action can be an internal evaluation of procedures or providing additional employee trainings.

BAM thrives on its comprehensive proactive feedback plan to address concerns. Not only do we tackle issues that are brought forth, we also seek out reviews, comments and concerns. This attributes to BAM’s overall growth as a company.

Here are some great resources when evaluating situations and developing action plans: